Analysis of Text Complexity Differentiation

Examine ready-to-use reports that reveal the ranges, variety, and differentiation for the titles in your program.

Text Complexity Differentiation Reports are automatically generated for all booklists, providing comprehensive data about the books' quantitative, qualitative, and genre measurements.

Create a custom booklist to analyze the titles in your instruction:

  1. Search for a book or subject using the search box on the top of any screen, then choose the red plus () sign to add or create to a custom reading list.
  2. Follow directions to set up your booklist and enter all desired titles.
  3. Once the list has been created and saved, select
    Analysis of Text Complexity for this list
  4. Review, share and present your customized Text Complexity Differentiation Report.

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Note: You can always add or remove titles, or fill out the qualitative measures rubric for additional information. Repeating Step 3 will get you an updated analysis.

Implementation Strategy
Ensure that your book collections are balanced and comprehensive by using these tools during your materials selection process.