Qualitative Text Complexity Measures

Inform instructional decisions with qualitative measures about the books in your curriculum.

Analyze and/or determine if the qualitative measures meet your differentiation needs with data from our interactive, crowdsourced rubric.

Complete a qualitative measures rubric online:

  1. Search for a book title using the search box on the top of any screen.
  2. Once on the webpage for that title, click on
    Submit Text Complexity
  3. Complete the rubric, and at the end, consider your results with crowdsourced averages. You will receive a certificate acknowledging your text complexity review via email.

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Note: You can complete these qualitative measure rubrics online with any device, or work on them offline with the Text Complexity Rubric & Worksheet PDFs: Informational and Literary.

Implementation Strategy
As a formative assessment at the conclusion of reading a text, use these qualitative rubrics to determine students' understanding of literary characteristics.