Tips for a Successful Webinar

To best meet the learning expectations for a scheduled webinar, here are some noteworthy tips.

Pre-Webinar: Collaborate

Work with the Book Connections Team to identify:

  • Desired outcomes
  • Learning objectives
  • Audience: grade level, content area, level of experience
  • Duration: 15 minutes to 2 hours

Develop an agenda that addresses the needs of the audience.

Discuss technology and equipment needs before the session. Schedule a technology test if needed.

During the Webinar: Adjust & Ask Questions

Ask questions and communicate during the session.

  • Distribute handouts as appropriate.
  • Use the webinar chat box or call us immediately at 800-596-0710 if technical issues or questions emerge.

Post Webinar: Document & Reflect

Continue to communicate with the Implementation & Educational Support Team.

  • Contact any member of the team with follow up questions or to explore new content and schedule future webinars.

Talk to us:
Book Connections Implementation & Educational Support Team
Kym Davick, Alyssa Yokota-Lewis, Crystal Ballard, Deborah B. Ford-Salyer, Mary Ellen Graf
phone: 800-596-0710