by Lulu Delacre

First introduced in Rafi and Rosi (HarperCollins, 2004), Lulu Delacre’s tree-frog... read more

First introduced in Rafi and Rosi (HarperCollins, 2004), Lulu Delacre’s tree-frog siblings return to celebrate their native Puerto Rico’s Carnival in a charming follow-up offering. Rafi and Rosi’s relationship embodies familiar ups and downs of sibling encounters. Rafi is often trying to get the best of his little sister, but his put-offs, tricks, and teasing always result in a guilty conscience. He loves Rosi, after all, and he wants to make things right again. As for Rosi: she may be little, but as Rafi will discover, she’s not too small to play a trick on her big brother. This volume designed for newly independent readers is comprised of three stories, each one highlighting a different aspect of the festive Carnival celebration. Occasional simple Spanish words, defined in a glossary, are woven into the text, which features large typeface and short lines set against Delacre’s own illustrations. (Ages 4–7)

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