The Last Olympian

by Rick Riordan Book 5 of the Percy Jackson and the Olympians Series

Rick Riordan brings what he describes as the “first Camp Half-Blood series”... read more

Rick Riordan brings what he describes as the “first Camp Half-Blood series” to a spellbinding and satisfying close in a story that has Percy Jackson and his friends on the front lines of defending the country and world from the Titan Kronos and his army. As environmental devastation from raging storms (which are really a monster called Typhon) spreads slowly from west to east across the United States, Percy and Annabeth delve into painful parts of the past. The journey that brought Annabeth, Thalia, and the now traitorous Luke to Camp Half-Blood years before holds essential clues to how to defeat Kronos. Meanwhile, as the gods argue about the best course of action against Titan forces, it’s up to Percy to lead the demigods of Camp Half-Blood—friends and enemies alike—and their supporters as they take the final stand when the Battle of Manhattan begins. Riordan recaptures the spirited storytelling of The Lightning Thief (Hyperion, 2005) in this novel that adds layers of complexity to the story while retaining the sense of adventure and winning humor that distinguishes the series. (Ages 9–13)

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