Going Home

by Eve Bunting and David Diaz

After sleeping under the stars for three nights, Carlos and his family finally arrive... read more

After sleeping under the stars for three nights, Carlos and his family finally arrive by car in time to celebrate Christmas in La Perla, Mexico. Even though there is no work for Mama and Papa in their home village, La Perla is still home for them. Mama even blew kisses "at the sun-filled winter sky" as soon as the family car crossed the border from the USA into Mexico. Warm welcomes and celebrations of Christmas await the family in La Perla, along with expressions of pride in the English language Carlos and his sisters acquired since their last visit. The walls of Grandfather's La Perla house "bulge with talk and rememberings." Distant La Perla has never felt like home to five-year-old Nora, ten-year-old Delores and young Carlos. Home for them is the house where they live all year while working in the fields with their parents. During this visit Carlos begins to understand about the "opportunities" his parents and grandparents hold in such high regard. Exuberant paintings superimposed over full-color photographs of folk art assemblages detail the specific people and locales of a joyous reunion. The composition of several paintings suggests the traditional Christmas story. A font designed especially for the dialogue-filled text is set on sun-colored pages. This rich story for all seasons has multi-dimensional characters and a plot that does not minimize hard labor at the expense of hope. (Ages 5-9)

© Cooperative Children's Book Center, Univ. of Wisconsin - Madison, 1996

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