A Confusion of Princes

by Garth Nix

“One of the ten million Princes who rule the Empire” that spans much... read more

“One of the ten million Princes who rule the Empire” that spans much of the universe, Khemi enjoys the power and privilege accorded his Imperial status. At seventeen, he leaves the sheltered existence he’s known for years, and with his Master of Assassins’ assistance, he enters the adult world. It’s not quite the glamorous adventure he imagined, as Khemi finds himself vying with the other Princes to find a field of work and build a loyal retinue of priests who relay knowledge from the Imperial Mind—all while trying to avoid assassination by his peers. When Khemi is singled out for extra priests and a highly experienced Master Assassin, he believes he’s achieving his destiny as the next Prince to ascend to the Imperial Mind. In fact, Khemi’s path leads to the discovery that being a Prince is really being a pawn. When an apprenticeship takes him to a human world, Khemi discovers his humanity—and the difficult choices that come with it—when he falls in love with Raine. Khemi’s humorous narration blends seamlessly with the political intrigue, action, and futuristic technology in this novel about coming of age, science fiction style. (Ages 13 and older)

© Cooperative Children's Book Center, Univ. of Wisconsin - Madison, 2013

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