The Case of the Gypsy Good-Bye

by Nancy Springer Book 6 of the Enola Holmes Mystery Series

In Nancy Springer’s final “Enola Holmes Mystery,” the youngest... read more

In Nancy Springer’s final “Enola Holmes Mystery,” the youngest detective of the Holmes family multitasks as she searches for Lady Blachefleur, a missing Duquessa, while unraveling a puzzling coded message that may finally answer questions about her own mother’s disappearance. Quick-thinking Enola is one step ahead of her brothers Sherlock and Mycroft, but the siblings’ paths converge via their respective deductive work. Provocative themes of class, economics, and women’s issues again provide a strong framework for this well-plotted mystery. Enola’s mother gives voice to a maternal perspective rarely heard in novels for young readers while maintaining credibility as the woman who raised three exceptionally intelligent, strong-willed, and independent children. A solid stand-alone novel, Enola’s last case also provides a satisfying conclusion to the storylines about the Holmes family that have run throughout this outstanding six-book series. (Ages 9–12)

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