Quintana of Charyn

by Melina Marchetta Book 3 of the Lumatere Chronicles

Melina Marchetta continues to develop the complicated plot and complex characters... read more

Melina Marchetta continues to develop the complicated plot and complex characters and relationships from Finnikin of the Rock and Froi of the Exiles (both U.S. editions published by Candlewick) in ways that are both surprising and satisfying. While Froi searches for the missing Quintana in Charyn, traveling with the parents he's only recently met, Finnikin and others from Lumatere are in Charyn as well, looking for Froi and wondering if he has turned against Lumatere because he loves Quintana, the Charyn queen. Meanwhile, Queen Isaboe of Lumatere and her cousin, Lucian, are struggling with what do about the Charyn refugees in the Lumatere valley. They don't know that Quintana is with them-a refugee among the refugees, hiding with Lucian's estranged wife Phaedra and the other women in the valley. Quintana has always seemed crazy, but in fact she has a fierce sanity and these women who initially scorn her come to love and protect her as they realize the sacrifices she made for the people of Charyn. She suffered years of abuse to protect them, especially other girls. Like the first two books of the trilogy this tale full of politics and power-both good and bad-does not shy away from true evil, but it shines the light brightest on the redemptive, healing power of love. (Age 13 and older)

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