Toys Meet Snow: Being the Wintertime Adventures of a Curious Stuffed Buffalo, a…

by Emily Jenkins and Paul O. Zelinsky

“Lumphy is a stuffed buffalo. SingRay is a plush stingray. Plastic is a rubber... read more

“Lumphy is a stuffed buffalo. SingRay is a plush stingray. Plastic is a rubber ball. She can’t help it that her name doesn’t match her body.” There’s no need to be familiar with these characters first introduced in the chapter book Toys Go Out to feel immediately grounded in this funny, endearing picture book about their journey outside during the season’s first snowfall. Curious Lumphy (wearing a mitten for a hat) is full of questions. Poetic Stingray (encased in a plastic bag because she’s dry clean only) is lyrically observant. Knowledgeable Plastic (going “natural” because she’s, well, plastic) is full of facts (“I read it in a book.”). There is the challenge of getting ready, and then getting out the door, before the delight as they play and explore, going from snow angels to a snowman to sledding. A “strawberry syrup” sunset marks the end of their day. Emily Jenkins deftly creates distinct characterizations through masterful dialogue in the terrifically paced narrative that affirms the value of friendship and different ways of being in the world. Paul O. Zelinsky’s illustrations, ranging from panels to full-page spreads, make the most of every opportunity the narrative offers for humor but, like the story itself, they are also imbued with warmth. (Ages 3–8)

© Cooperative Children's Book Center, Univ. of Wisconsin - Madison, 2016

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