Under the Quilt of Night

by Deborah Hopkinson and James Ransome

Brief vignettes titled “Running,” Waiting,” “Watching,”... read more

Brief vignettes titled “Running,” Waiting,” “Watching,” “Hiding,” “Traveling,” and “Singing” chronicle the flight of a young slave girl to freedom on the Underground railroad. The spare, riveting, first-person narrative embodies all of the girl’s fear, tension, uncertainty and anxiety as they make their way north, pursued by her master and his men, aided by sympathizers to their plight. The book ends before her journey is complete, but she is well on her way to freedom: “I take a deep breath / and when I let go / my voice flies up in a song…I’ll jump every fence my way.” James Ransome’s rich oil paintings dramatically convey each and event and emotion on their journey. (Ages 6-9)

© Cooperative Children's Book Center, Univ. of Wisconsin - Madison, 2003

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