Play the Name Game

The Author Name Pronunciation Guide is a collection of brief recordings of authors and illustrators saying their names.

Now it's time to test your knowledge! Say the name out loud, and then click on the headshot below to hear the correct pronunciation. Give yourself 1 point for each name you get right.

‣ If you scored 26 points or above (out of a possible 32): Congratulations! You're a gifted reader and very good with difficult names and are hereby awarded the Gold Medal of the Author Name Pronunciation Guide.

‣ If you scored 15-25 points: You're a very talented educator and/or reader whose bookshelves are probably sagging with countless children's and young adult books... or a very good guesser.

‣ If you scored 0-14 points: Now you know firsthand why authors groan when they hear their names mangled... and why they took a few moments from their busy schedules to call up the TeachingBooks recording line.

‣ If you bothered to take the quiz at all: Kudos! You love children's and young adult books and are curious to learn all you can about them.

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Can you pronounce these names?

Do you know the background heritage and stories of these names?

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