Luna: A Novel

by Julie Anne Peters

Luna is the name Liam has selected for himself, for the girl that he is, trapped... read more

Luna is the name Liam has selected for himself, for the girl that he is, trapped inside a boy’s body. Liam’s struggle to learn more about himself and to make the decision to have gender alteration surgery is seen through the eyes of his sister Regan, who loves her brother but becomes weary of the drama and secrecy that surround him. Neither sibling is idealized, nor are the choices they make wholly admirable or wise. Liam becomes increasingly out of control as he takes more and more risks to live as a girl, and Regan becomes less sympathetic and more self-absorbed as she considers the implications of her brother’s plans. As the siblings faced both ordinary and extraordinary teen challenges, their parents’ emotional distance forces them to be coconspirators and support one another. Nontransgender readers will appreciate Peters’s decision to tell the story from Regan’s perspective, as her alternating waves of discomfort and support for her brother are comforting and authentic. Luna is a sensitive, realistic look at a topic that is still very much misunderstood and too often silenced. Transgender readers will feel great relief to see one reflection of their reality in literature for teens. Ultimately, Luna is a story of acceptance and self-love and about being true to yourself regardless of the cost. (Ages 14–17)

© Cooperative Children's Book Center, Univ. of Wisconsin - Madison, 2005

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